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January 29, 2018



Action Required:

1. To immediately provide a list of goods and services that your Indigenous owned and operated business/tribal corporation can offer (sell) to foreign Indigenous businesses and tribal governments.

2. To immediately provide a list of the goods and services procurement (purchasing) needs of your Indigenous owned and operated business/corporation and/or tribal government.

Deadline for Goods & Services Offered and Procurement Needs List:

       April 30, 2018 (Revised)

Type of Event:

Canadian Indigenous Trade Mission to Oklahoma, USA and Economic Symposium

Registration Fee:


Purpose of Event:

To secure Indigenous trade/business contracts between Canadian and American owned and operated Indigenous businesses/corporations.

Who Will Attend:

U.S. and Canadian Indigenous business and government leaders, Indigenous trade law academics, tribal economic development officers, provincial and Canadian federal trade representatives, U.S. state and federal trade representatives

Event Topic:

Canadian Indigenous Trade Mission to Oklahoma, U.S. – Canadian Inter‑Tribal Trade

Location of Event:

College of Law, University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

Event Organizer:

International Inter-Tribal Trade and Investment Organization (IITIO) with the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Choctaw Nation; Chickasaw Nation and the University of Oklahoma, College of Law

Background of IITIO, the Event Organizer:

IITIO has been in existence for four years; it is a non-profit NGO with Canadian head office in Ottawa, Canada; successful inaugural inter-tribal conference took place at the University of Oklahoma College of Law in April 2016; the second symposium took place November 11 and 12, 2016 at the Faculty of Law, Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, B.C., and the third at the University of Oklahoma College of Law in April 2017. Symposiums run every six months and alternate between the U.S. and Canada.

For further details on past Conference proceedings, presentations, and speakers, visit the IITIO website:  www.iitio.org

Trade Mission Date:

June 3, 4 & 5, 2018

Conference Registration Information Required:

The information that we will be seeking for participation will be as follows:


  1. Indigenous Entity (e.g. Tribal Council; Indigenous Corporation; partnership, sole proprietor, etc.):


  1. Indigenous Entity (official address):


  1. Memberships of  Indigenous Entity (Canadian Council for aboriginal Business; Cando; National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development; etc.):


  1. Indigenous EntityContact person (Name):


  1. Indigenous Entity Contact person(Title):


  1. Indigenous Entity Contact person(Direct phone number):


  1. Indigenous Entity Contact person(E-mail Address):


  1. Indigenous Entity Contact person(mailing address if different from Indigenous Entity):


  1. Products/Services produced/ manufactured/ harvested/ created that are offered for sale (feel free to describe at length with supporting hyperlinked/ attached product information):


  1. Indigenous Products/Services required or requested for purchase by Indigenous Entity (describe what services/goods that your Indigenous Entity buys for the business that you would consider purchasing from other Indigenous entities):

Send all requested information to:

Wayne Garnons-Williams


International Inter-Tribal Trade and Investment Organization

E-mail: garnonswilliams@gmail.com


Wayne Garnons-Williams


International Inter-Tribal Trade and Investment Organization

E-mail: garnonswilliams@gmail.com

Phone: (613) 614-6277

Web: www.iitio.org


Core aspects of IITIO’s Terms of Reference:


An end state where there exists a global flow and exchange of Indigenous goods, services and investments.



To support and enhance the implementation of the global flow and exchange of Indigenous goods, services and investments.


“to apply the group’s combined international expertise, passion and experience in addressing tangible issues that can assist in the global flow and exchange of Indigenous goods, services and investments…

“…to facilitate productive discussion, objective research, and effective education with respect to international inter-tribal trade and investment, through seminars, conferences and scholarly papers….”


Inter-Tribal Trade Background Details:

  • Canada – U.S. Inter-Tribal Trade is a new and rapidly growing field of commerce between U.S. Tribes and Canadian Indigenous. The four confirmed U.S. Tribes attending (Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Chickasaw Nation, Choctaw Nation and Cherokee Nation) represent over 15 billion dollars in cumulative economic impact for the U.S., with combined gross annual revenue of almost $2 billion and well over 10,000 U.S. jobs in various tribal industries.
  • Host Nations in Oklahoma will be (subject to confirmation): Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Choctaw Nation, Chickasaw Nation and Cherokee Nation. U.S. tribal businesses are keen to conduct business with Canadian First Nation, Metis and Inuit and with certified CCAB Aboriginal businesses.
  • Draft Agenda is as follows:

Day ONE – Indigenous Trade Mission, with host tribes conducting a tour of their industrial parks and various enterprises on their respective territories by their political and business leaders.

Days TWO and THREEExamine Four Broad Indigenous Trade Themes through papers/ presentations:

How International Inter-Tribal Trade Works

Financing Trade

Opportunities for Inter-Tribal Trade Growth

Update NAFTA Indigenous Chapter and Frameworks


Government of Canada support:


Global Affairs/Agriculture Canada trade mission funding programs:


Note that applications are assessed individually, i.e. funding is not guaranteed.

‎CanExport (5-week processing time – deadline of Friday April 27, 2018 [does not cover Agriculture Canada programs])




Growing Forward 2, agri-marketing program (agricultural products). Note current funding goes to March 31, 2018 (next five years of funding should be announced soon).




Invest Canada Community Initiatives (applications accepted in the fall, check online for deadline each year). Co-workers in Ottawa are happy to counsel individual Indigenous communities on the program before they apply. Contact:






Register for conference by email, regular mail or fax.

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